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Lunch: This month several members had a most enjoyable lunch at the Ferryboat Inn at Holywell, near St Ives.

Monthly Meeting: Delicious samples of Spanish food were enjoyed by our members at our meeting following a great talk and demonstration by Amanda Hoskins who talked us through the chicken and vegetable paella accompanied by a delicious tomato salad she prepared for us. While the paella was cooking, she held a short quiz with 10 questions relating to Spain and Spanish Food – it was surprising just how much many members knew – resulting in much discussion about people’s holidays and eating experiences in Spain. A very enjoyable fun and tasty evening!!

The Royal Papworth Hospital and Village Fete:


Papworth Everard WI are very proud to announce that our ‘Vintage Tea’ and Puppet Workshop held at the Royal Papworth Hospital and Village Fete proved to be an amazing success with over £1000 raised on the day. This was a tremendous achievement and, despite the hard work, it was a great day with our homemade cakes and scones almost selling out!  


The Puppet Lady was a great attraction for young children with many of them making their own puppets.



 A Huge Thanks to everyone who helped by donating cakes, provisions, money, time and effort to make the day the success it was.   We will announce how the money will



The Baton comes to Papworth

On Friday 31 October, the baton came to Papworth but this time not for the Olympic or Commonwealth games but a baton to mark the start of the Women’s Institute Centenary.  A large group of us gathered at the Studio at midday and enjoyed a delicious lunch of tasty fish and chips from Luke’s Fish shop followed by fresh fruit or petit fours: lemon meringues, chocolate profiteroles and orange chocolate truffles.

Shortly after 1.00 p.m. the President of the Cambridge Federation of Women’s Institutes, Sally Kingman, arrived with her team, bearing the baton and we gathered outside for a photo for the archives to mark the occasion and passed the baton round the group.  The baton has been travelling round 69 W.I. Federations to 6,600 Women’s Institutes and over 212,000 members to kick off a year of celebrations ahead.

The Women’s Institute in Britain started in 1915 to encourage countrywomen to grow and preserve  food to help the war effort.  Our own Papworth Institute restarted in July 2007 (there were 2 previous groups) and we will be taking part in many of the forthcoming activities to celebrate the centenary year over the coming months.

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Sally Kingman handing the Baton round W.I. members
Papworth Everard W.I. members (and some grandchildren) receiving the Centenary baton
Passing the Centenary baton round the Papworth Everard W.I. members

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The W.I. Centenary Baton being handed round the Papworth Everard W.I. members and some grandchildren
The W.I. Centenary Baton being handed round the Papworth Everard W.I. members and some grandchildren

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Sally Kingham trying Rosie's Orange Chocolate Truffles
Sally Kingham trying Rosie’s Orange Chocolate Truffles

The recipe for the delicious orange chocolate truffles made by Rosie Blencowe(using a Josceline Dimbleby recipe) which members enjoyed is as follows:

Orange Chocolate Truffles

250g (8oz) plain chocolate

75g (3oz) unsalted butter at room temperature

2 tablespoons double cream

50g (2oz) ground almonds

Finely grated rind of 1 orange

1 tablespoon drinking chocolate (or mix in a little cinnamon – optional)

Break up the chocolate and put in a bowl set over a pan of very hot water but not boiling.  Melt the chocolate and then add the butter, a little at a time.  Stir in the cream and keep stirring until melted and smooth.  Remove from the heat and stir in the ground almonds and orange rind.

Let the mixture cool and then put into the fridge until stiff enough to roll into balls about  the size of a marble.

Put the balls on to grease proof paper on a flat tin or board and then return to the fridge.  When ready, put the chocolate powder in a shallow dish and roll the truffles into it to coat them thoroughly.  Put them into little paper cases and return to the fridge until needed.



Cambridge Federation Annual Meeting – Papworth & Elsworth W.I. Choir

On 25th April 2014 the Papworth Everard & Elsworth W.I. Choir were delighted to be the surprise finale to the Annual Meeting of the Cambridge Federation at Comberton College.  After a nervous wait in the reception area followed by a quick warm up in a nearby room, the choir took their place on the stage and sang 3 songs to entertain the audience before the meeting concluded.  Afterwards members of the choir felt they had sung as well as they could and that they had enjoyed the event.  Ruth Bond came over to express her pleasure as W.I. choirs and the choir competition had been her vision and she was delighted that our choir comprised members from two village W.I.s coming together.


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Papworth Everard Heritage Day – 5 April 2014

Papworth Everard W.I. were delighted to be asked to provide teas for the Papworth Everard Heritage Day on Saturday 5th April.  We met in the Studio at 12 noon to set up our counter and it wasn’t long before the tea table was covered in delicious cakes and biscuits and the aroma of freshly baked goodies pervaded the room.

After a talk by Penny Brittain, who is a regular BBC Antiques Roadshow expert, we served tea to the assembled audience  whilst some took the opportunity to ask Penny about their treasures that they had brought along.   Very soon visitors who’d been exploring the exhibits in the library joined the queue to be tempted by the goodies available.


W.I. Tea at the Papworth Heritage day
W.I. Tea at the Papworth Heritage day