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The first WI in Papworth was founded on October 6 1922, with a membership of 36 and an annual fee of two shillings.  However, it has lapsed and restarted on a couple of occasions since.  More recently, we reopened in July 2007 and have  grown with a current membership of 40.

 We have now been active in the village for over 14 years during which time, apart           from making many friends and learning new skills, we have, among other things,         raised   funds for the Papworth Hospital, Pendragon School, the Papworth Scouts and Guides, the Elderly and many other such good causes in the Community.

Over the years we have enjoyed many great speakers, had wonderful demonstrations, fun craft evenings, Christmas parties to name but a few and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.

Naturally we have found the last year a most difficult one due to the pandemic but have managed to continue our meetings on Zoom, albeit some of our members do not have access to the internet.   Our choir, Lyrical Voices, have continued also to meet on Zoom weekly to sing along to a variety of music which has been most uplifting.

 We now find we need new members to enable our Institute to continue with confidence into the future.  Although our membership continues to maintain a healthy number, we are finding that we need new blood to take an active role and move us forward into 2022 and onwards in order that certain Committee members can stand down and take a bit of a back seat after giving several years of service.

Besides the monthly meetings, we have a host of other activities such as our WI choir,  a quiz team and monthly lunches or dinners that are available for those who wish to join in, as well as one-off outings, some large and some small.

We propose starting our face-to-face meetings again in September.  We meet on the third Wednesday of the month at 7 for 7.30pm in The Studio in Papworth (next to the library)     Do come along – our first date is Wednesday 15th September – we look forward to seeing you.

The annual subscription this year has been reduced due to the current pandemic and is now £22.40 from 1st April 2021 – 31st March 2022.   Visitors fee £5.00 per meeting including refreshments.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, then please tel: Pat on 01480 350355 :email pat@woodpecker6.co.uk. or Joan on 01480 839230:email home@ejtomkinson.eclipse.co.uk

We look forward to meeting you.

Patricia Martin


If you would like to know more about the WI as a national organisation then please go to:   thewi.org.uk/about-the-wi

Here is a message from one of our members that may encourage you to give us a try!!

Some six and a half years ago I settled into the village of Papworth Everard; feeling like the new girl going to school I wanted to make friends and become  part of the village community.

I had been a member of my local WI for some 20 years or more and was hoping that I would be able to join this organisation here.  I had previously experienced a most enjoyable evening with the WI offering a friendly welcoming atmosphere amongst its members.  Day trips were also organised for those wishing to visit the theatre or seaside for a breath or fresh air and sample the local fish and chips.  Most evenings, a speaker would be present enlightening and entertaining the members on different interesting subjects. Occasionally members would make their own entertainment, crafting etc.

Therefore, my first port of call was to contact the Papworth Everard WI via their website (PEWI) for short.  I was delighted to be contacted by one of the members who advised me of the night and time they met (once a month) and invited me to come along to see what they had to offer.  I was welcomed by the very friendly members and soon became part of the WI family. I tried to sit with different people each month to learn their names as they had a good number of members who attended most meetings.

Well; I must have been impressed as I quickly joined in and now I am part of the committee and although sometimes very demanding, its fulfilling and enables me to have my say in planning how to keep the members happy, ensuring the evening goes as expected.

We now find ourselves in very difficult times under this lockdown, but I am just writing to say we are still here and will be strong again once this situation has been resolved.  (Organising our speakers/outings; having a laugh and generally enjoying the moment of being part of a friendly caring club).  Some of our ladies enjoyed monthly luncheons choosing different venues to visit and sample (keeping our local publicans/restaurants in business). We hope this will still be the case in the near future.  Others joined the choir which has proved very successful, entertaining at different venues and The Ely Cathedral singing festival. The choir have still been meeting on ZOOM throughout the lockdown.  Therefore, we offer members variety and entertainment as well as friendship and companionship.

Should you be feeling in need of some support and friendship we would welcome you and help you through these hard times too; working together in a common cause. If you have a certain skill or interest you wish to share with us, or would like us work on together; we would be happy to discuss this with you and hopefully incorporate it into our meetings.

Please contact us on our website….. ..…papwortheverard.org.uk








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Our group is part of the Cambridge Federation for Women’s Institutes and more details of this organisation can be found on their Home Page. www.cfwi.co.uk

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