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May 2014 – Tracy Mackness and the Giggly Pig Co

As Tracy recounted her story, it lived up to the company’s title “The Giggly Pig Co” as there was plenty of laughter as Tracy charmed us with her account of how she triumphed over the difficulties of her early life .  Tracy was sentenced to 10 years for drug offences following two failed marriages and mental illness but as a testament to her courage and determination she pulled her life around.

Whilst in prison she undertook all the courses she could which included qualifying as a gym instructor in order to give herself a better life as she intended to set up a fitness business .  But whilst in open prison she was sent to work on the farm and fell in love with Biddy, a saddleback pig and was smitten so she next embarked on gaining NVQs in pig husbandry.

On release from prison after serving five and a half years, Tracy bought 30 saddleback pigs from the prison and with hard work and plenty of grit, she now has an award winning business raising pigs of which she now has over 300.  All the butchery, sausage making and bacon curing is done in a nearby butchers shop which Tracy purchased (taking the previous owner on to her staff) and much of her time is spread between this side of the business and attending farmer’s markets, providing hog roasts and speaking at meetings such as ours.

Not only were we enthralled by her story but we had opportunity to sample some of about 50 of her sausage flavours and purchase these, together with some of her home cured bacon and copies of her book.

Tracy Mackness - Turning my Life Around
Tracy Mackness, The Giggly Pig Co
Tracy Mackness, The Giggly Pig Co - Turning my life around
Tracy Mackness, Telling her story ” How I turned my life Around”


Cambridge Federation Annual Meeting – Papworth & Elsworth W.I. Choir

On 25th April 2014 the Papworth Everard & Elsworth W.I. Choir were delighted to be the surprise finale to the Annual Meeting of the Cambridge Federation at Comberton College.  After a nervous wait in the reception area followed by a quick warm up in a nearby room, the choir took their place on the stage and sang 3 songs to entertain the audience before the meeting concluded.  Afterwards members of the choir felt they had sung as well as they could and that they had enjoyed the event.  Ruth Bond came over to express her pleasure as W.I. choirs and the choir competition had been her vision and she was delighted that our choir comprised members from two village W.I.s coming together.


DSC02697 DSC02695

Dance Til Dawn

This month, a group of us drove to Royston where we picked up a coach to take us into Milton Keynes.   On arrival, most of us gathered in a nearby restaurant to enjoy lunch before making our way over to the theatre to see Flavia  Cacace and Vincent Simone dance in their latest production.   The story is set in 1940s Los Angeles and as well as Flavia and Vincent’s fantastic dancing, including their renowned Argentinian Tango, they were also supported with other excellent dancers and good choreography.   Music was from a live band and had our feet tapping.  I think that we all felt we’d had a great afternoon.


Members arrive at Milton Keynes Theatre for the performance of Dance 'Til Dawn
Members arrive at Milton Keynes Theatre for the performance of Dance ‘Til Dawn

May 2014 Lunch

Our thanks go to Ruth, who together with Pat, kindly organised our May lunch which took place at The Dolphin, St Ives.  The restaurant has lovely views across the river which the members enjoyed as they tucked into a very good lunch.

May 2014 Lunch at The Dolphin, St Ives
May 2014 Lunch at The Dolphin St Ives
May 2014 Lunch at The Dolphin, St Ives
May 2014 Lunch at The Dolphin, St Ives
May 2014 Lunch at The Dolphin, St Ives
May 2014 Lunch at The Dolphin, St Ives