Meeting – 15th October 2014 – Gunn Bakery

What an aromatic evening we had at our October meeting.  As soon as David Gunn walked into the room with his cartons of freshly baked bread, there was a delicious smell in the room.

He regaled us with some tales of his ancestors.  His father and grandfather were both bakers although baking was only a hobby for his father.  David’s grandfather used to deliver his bread by horse and cart.

David used to go to the bakery after school and later went to college for bakery for 3 years.  His establishment was visited by many well-known cooks, for example Ainsley Herriot and Jamie Oliver.  he caters for parties for children and adults too.  The evening was rounded off with tasters of two different breads and to cap it all he cut up some of his famous Bedfordshire clangers to taste.  Delicious!  And as a bonus we were able to take some bread home.  All in all an enjoyable evening.

Report by Eunice Killick

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