Darts Team July 2015

Each year Cambridge Federation organise a darts competition between the W Is in the county.  This is a light-hearted event which is judged by the way each game can be completed, bearing in mind that many WI members are not generally adept at playing darts!  

We play five games from a 501 start.  If a game reaches the point where both teams need a double 1 to finish then the usual system is to try for 10 minutes before giving up!  It is then that the captains come into their own as they throw one dart, aiming for the bull and the nearest one to it wins the game. 

This year out of eight games played we won three and lost the rest, which is a better result than in the past, so we must be improving.  We travelled to Milton, Swavesey, Girton and Lode and had a lot of fun meeting up with other WI members.  As there is no darts facility in Papworth we were delighted that The Prince of Wales pub in Hilton was willing to offer its snug to us complete with bar and darts board (and Chelsea FC memorabilia), so we thank Simon most sincerely for his hospitality. 

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