Papworth and Elsworth WI Choir is Growing into the New Year

After a very successful 2015 the Choir is looking forward to yet another eventful  year.  Our numbers are increasing steadily and we welcome newcomers to come along and see what a wonderful time we all have. Singing fortifies health,   widens culture, refines the intelligence, enriches the imagination,  makes for happiness and endows life with an added zest, it really does.  Ask anyone who has joined a Choir what it is they get from it and they will say the same.  The ladies’ Choir is open to all and we are now a mix with non WI members, so do come along and ‘see/sing’ for yourselves;  remember everyone can sing!

The Choir will be singing at Trinity Church Elsworth  on 22nd May for their Trinity Service, and  are at present working on their Programme for the coming year.  Please get in touch if you would like the choir to sing at your event.


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