December 2016

Early in December 25 members enjoyed an especially pleasant Christmas lunch at The Dolphin Hotel in St Ives. Good food and good company, what more could we ask for.

WI Lunch at The Dolphin

The choir spent a pleasant afternoon entertaining the residents at the Bethany Frances Care Home in St Neots …………..

……….then, on the 17th, they were once again privileged to take part in the annual Papworth Hospital Carol concert in Ely Cathedral. Afterwards, as they served mince pies to members of the audience (many of whom complimented them on their singing) they got a bit carried away and burst into an impromptu rendering of a light-hearted Christmassy song ‘Mozart’s Mince Pies’ that they had rehearsed for another occasion. Great fun! 

The monthly meeting was, as usual in December, given over to a social evening, so after a minimal amount of formal business we got down to the serious business of enjoying ourselves. There were plenty of refreshments as we were entertained by the Choir (including a reprise of ‘Mozart’s Mince Pies’ of course), a seasonal quiz, a bumper raffle and communal carols. 

Concentrating on the quiz….



The Choir






We are now looking ahead to 2017, thinking about what can be done to either inform and/or entertain us all and to stimulate interest as well. We currently have about 50 members of mixed ages and would love to attract more newcomers to come and give us a try. Perhaps we will be able to welcome you to one of our meetings one day soon?

We really want to play our part in helping develop a friendly community spirit in our growing village and send our good wishes for 2017 to everyone here.

On January 18th our past President Rosie Blencowe will be concluding her entertaining talk about Pauline, Napoleon’s infamous sister, which she started earlier in the year and left us wondering ‘whatever happened next’? Following the success of Rosie’s seasonal Gateaux des Roix last January, this year she is going to treat us to some of her delicious Pannetone.

Our February 15th meeting will feature a talk by author Guinevere Glasfurd whose first novel ‘The Words in my Hand’ is one of just eight novels that have been shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Award 2016. The winner is due to be announced on 3rd January 2017.

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