Papworth Everard WI – April 2018 Report


We kicked off in early April with our monthly luncheon and this time around 20 members enjoyed a scrumptious meal at The King of the Belgians in Hartford. As you can see from the pictures below – nobody went hungry!

Monthly Meeting: Following the normal business, we were given a most fascinating and interesting talk by Paul Browning on the history and making of wigs.   Paul brought along many samples of wigs, both men and women’s, in various colours and styles, and explained in detail how they were made in Germany (not from real hair) for his many clients. He went on to say that he had people from all walks of life, not necessarily those whose hair was thinning, or lost, but business people who wanted to look well groomed every day for work and these people often had 2 or 3 different colours and styles. The wigs can cost anything from a couple of hundred pounds up to and above a couple of thousand!

RUTH HURST 91 YEARS YOUNG CELEBRATES 70 YEARS as a member of the National Federation of Women’s Institutes

Ruth celebrating her birthday and with her daughter Catherine

Ruth was born on 17th October 1926 and grew up in Waltham Abbey, Essex.  As a young woman Ruth worked locally and recalls the time when, during the second world war, she was walking to work wearing her tin helmet when shrapnel landed on her head.  A narrow escape for sure. 

Ruth married Norman, a Horticulturalist, in April 1946 and moved to Upshire in Essex. She joined the Upshire Women’s Institute in 1948 following a knock on her front door by a District Nurse and Lady Eva Buxton – her neighbours – who invited her along to a meeting.  In those days, Ruth explains, the WI was so very different from today with members being mostly typical country ladies who cycled to the Village Hall for the meetings.  Ruth was lucky enough to have a car! along with one other member, and was therefore always on call to pick other ladies up and take them to the various meetings.  She described the experience for the ladies as ‘taking them to places they had never been before’ as they were rarely able to leave the village due to lack of transport – our Ruth put an end to all that!!  During her time at Upshire Ruth was President of her Institute on more than one occasion.  They used to travel around to other WIs within what was called ‘The Cripsy Group’ and share ideas and crafts.  Upshire WI was formed in 1927 under the Presidency of a Mrs P Howell with 23 members.  Sadly it closed in 1994. 

Ruth and Norman retired to Frinton on Sea in Essex where, once again, Ruth joined the WI and again became President during her time there.

Ruth with her husband at Frinton on Sea

Ruth enjoyed living by the sea but due to her husband’s poor health, they moved to Papworth to be close to their daughter.   We are now privileged to have Ruth as our most senior member at Papworth Everard WI and would like the whole of the National Federation to offer their heartfelt Congratulations ON HER 70TH ANNIVERSARY as a member.

Ruth on International Women’s Day in March

To recognise Ruth’s loyalty and service to the WI, members and friends of Papworth Everard WI presented Ruth with an engraved spectacle case and bouquet of flowers at our April meeting.   Long may she continue to be a member and friend to us all.

Presentation to Ruth

Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th May.



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