As lockdown continues Papworth WI members continue to give support to one another by way of emails, telephone calls, etc.  particularly in respect of our members who are vulnerable and live alone.   We have been sent uplifting words and a yoga class which is most calming and uplifting at this time. Weekly ‘brain teaser’ quizes sent round to all the members with the occasional joke to keep the grey cells working. Weekly Zoom meetings of the choir so that we can continue to rehearse and get a chance of a brief face-to-face chat.   Wonderful birthday cards made by one of our members who is sending beautiful hand-made cards to those who are vulnerable and live alone with a ‘thinking’ of you message. We are holding our THIRD Zoom Committee Meeting on Tuesday to enable us to discuss ways of continuing to help members and the community at this time.  Many other members continue knitting, crocheting etc to help the community.


To celebrate VE Day many of us organised afternoon and evening ‘picnics’ on their front gardens so that they could chat across the 2 metres or so to their neighbours. This was a most enjoyable afternoon to commemorate the end of the 2nd World War.   The photographs show celebrations of VE Day and a lovely photograph of our eldest member Ruth, now in her 92nd year enjoying a celebration drink and chat – gin and tonic being her favourite tipple!! with two of our members who continue to ensure she is not alone.



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