Papworth Everard WI – Update for October 2020


Unfortunately as the Covid situation continues to be very uncertain, our WI ladies have been unable to meet again this month as a Group.  However, some of the ladies have met up in small groups for a coffee or lunch at the local garden centre.  It is important for many of us to try and meet up and chat on a regular basis while the rules allow!

The one highlight of this month has been the 94th birthday of our lovely member Ruth Hurst.  Ruth has been a WI Member for over 70 years!!   She has served on Committees as President on more than one occasion of her WI in Upshire in Essex and Frinton on Sea in Essex before moving to Papworth around 20 years ago.  Ruth lives on her own but is frequently visited by a couple of our WI members who have enjoyed a drink and nibbles with her outside of her home.  The photograph below shows just how youthful our Ruth looks enjoying her glass of wine and holding the lovely card made by our member Liz.

The Committee continue to Zoom once a month to discuss future options and plans once things return to normal.

Keep well everybody with best wishes from PEWI






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